Friday, October 14, 2005

It is mid-October and we have completed most of the details that needed to be handled when you sponsor a cleft trip overseas. We have talked to several of our volunteers and some have shared that 3 weeks later, they are still processing all that they have seen and felt. You cannot go to China and not somehow be forever changed. The images of the children, the orphanage, the families, the teamwork, the laughter, and the tears….they are still fresh in our minds and hearts.

One hundred six. That is the final number of children who were able to receive a cleft surgery on this trip to Luoyang. It has never been about the number of children who we were able to help for each child is precious and deserving in their own right, deserving of a brighter future. But we cannot help but be amazed by the number of children who have touched our lives. And for the first time for our foundation, we helped children with their dental needs. Between the two dentists, 69 children were evaluated by the dentists and had appropriate dental treatment. One hundred six and sixty nine seem like such small numbers when you think about China. But to us, these numbers mean dozens and dozens of children’s names and faces who touched our hearts. We will not forget.

We are deeply grateful to many people who made this trip possible. First of all we want to thank Director Pei of Luoyang Social Welfare Institute in Henan, China. He has done wonders for the children under his watchful care. Thank you for letting us come to your orphanage and help the children. We also want to thank Henan Civil Affairs for their assistance in bringing cleft children in Henan to our attention. We knew as soon as we saw their photos that they are truly spectacular children. Thank you.

We at Love Without Boundaries also want to thank our China Representative, Karen Mai, for her outstanding job she did as a facilitator, representative, and translator. Karen put in countless hours on this surgical trip and made numerous phone calls and trips to Luoyang all in the name of helping children. She is the only one who was in Luoyang for the entire 2 week mission. We are eternally grateful for her expertise, we are inspired by her dedication, and we are touched by her loving-kindness. Thank you Karen.

We know that a trip like this would not have been possible if it were not for the sponsors of the children and the generous donors of supplies. Your generosity has overwhelmed us. Love Without Boundaries has the best supporters. Thank you!

And of course we have a huge and thankful heart for our dedicated volunteers. Most of these volunteers had never been to China or participated in a surgical trip. It was an honor to bring you to China to show you the people and children that we at Love Without Boundaries have come to love. We are proud of every single one of you and we know that each of you gave 150%. Thank you!

Dr. Lisa Buckmiller - surgeon – AR
Dr. Mark Ray - surgeon – AR
Dr Kirt Simmons - dentist/orthodontist – AR
Dr. Lisa David- surgeon-NC
Dr. Louis Argenta-surgeon- NC
Dr. Claire Sanger- surgeon- NC
Dr. Chad Pfohl-oral surgeon- TN
Dr. Glen Weidenbacher - pediatrician – MN
Dr. Alan Reitz - anesthesiologist – MN
Dr. Walter Maurer - anesthesiologist – OH
Dr. Patti Kymer – anesthesiologist – AR
Dr. Jacob Smith – ENT Resident - AR
Chales Pohl - anesthetist – AR
Pamela Maurer - anesthetist – OH
Daisy Dailey - OR nurse – AR
Shelly Kremer-leBlanc – OR nurse – MN
Karla Boehmke - surgical tech – MN
Martha Huschka – surgical tech – MN
DeeAnn Nord - PACU RN – MN
Frances Knight - PACU RN – AR
Teresa Weidenbacher - RN – MN
Carol Just - RN – OK
Kathy Thompson - RN – MN
Ida Vessel – RN – MN
Donna Stier – RN – MN
Kathy Holm – RN – MN
Kerry Dixon – RN – MN
Maureen Brogan – RN – CA
Todd Taylor - EMT – CA
Kelly Lundberg - speech pathologist – WA
Amy Eldridge –LWB Admin. – OK
Karen Maunu - team coordinator – MN
Angela Taylor – volunteer – CA
Johnny Just - volunteer – OK
Gail Pohl - volunteer – AR
Laura Massenat - volunteer – OK
Lorrel Whiting - volunteer – WA
Betsy Hughs - volunteer – OR
Andrea Hainsworth - volunteer – WA
Michele Freeman - volunteer – MN
Heidi Reitz- volunteer-MN
Charlie Koch – volunteer – MN
Kathi Hodapp – volunteer – NV
Heather Wright – volunteer – CA
Teri Waite – volunteer – NV
Jerry Wang – volunteer – TX
Connie Wood - anesthetist – MN
Joseph Argenta – medical student – NC
Mary Kay Boell - OR nurse – MN
Sue Pierzynowski - OR nurse – MN
Joyce Haggerty - OR nurse – MN
Nancy McDermott – PACU – MN
Joanne Caldwell – PACU – MN
Cindy Mato - RN – WA
Wendy Seto - RN – NJ
Margaret Klaehn - RN - OH
Elizabeth Coulter – RN – WA
Dianne Lindsey – RN – AL
Brian Lindsey – RN - AL
Angela Carswell – LWB Admin. – NC
LeeAnn Mill – team coordinator – CO
Alyssa Shaughnessy - volunteer – MO
Nancy Brown - volunteer – MO
Pamela Brandsma - volunteer – IL
Jackie Day - volunteer – OK
Wanda Slater - volunteer – OK
Judith Needham - volunteer – PA
Cathy Mashinter - volunteer – Canada
Ashley Sandiford - volunteer – Canada
Mariel Childes – volunteer – SC
Kristen Childes – volunteer – SC
James Argenta – volunteer – NC
Michele Mosner – volunteer – NJ
Karen Mai – LWB China Rep &translator